2020 Funding Round

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Aotearoa New Zealand Science Journalism Fund offered an expedited funding round for projects related to COVID-19.

Supporters Of The COVID-19 Funding Round

Funded Projects

Vaping: its role in the Covid-19 crisis and if proposed new regulations go far enough

Nicky Pellegrino, freelancer, for intended publication in Newsroom

Baking, biking and bubbles: has the Covid-19 lockdown made us more or less healthy? 

Niki Bezzant, freelance

Covid-1984, will we sacrifice our privacy to stop a pandemic

Robin Kerr, RE: News

On the Offensive: Otago researchers tackling Covid-19

Bruce Munro, Otago Daily Times

What happens when a new disease emerges?

Libby Wilson, Stuff/Waikato Times

COVID-19 and other crises

Veronika Meduna, freelance, for intended publication in New Zealand Geographic

The unexpected experiment

James Dann, freelance – publication on The Spinoff