How you can contribute

We have launched the Aotearoa New Zealand Science Journalism Fund, to support science-related journalism projects submitted to us via an application and judging process. In order for us to do this, we are looking for financial contributions of at least $5,000 from organisations who want to enable quality, investigative science journalism to be carried out here in New Zealand.

The COVID-19 Funding Round

This funding round will be operated with shorter deadlines than usual, allowing applications to be assessed on a regular basis. This will permit journalists to have their applications considered within days or weeks, acknowledging the fast-moving situation of COVID-19. Following the NZ on Air model, fortnightly deadlines will be set, ensuring funded projects are able to begin promptly.

Journalists will be asked to submit a short proposal for funds of $2,500 – a more in-depth application will be required if journalists wish to apply for more funding. Stories will be expected to be published/aired within a month of funding being approved except where applicants have signalled a longer-term project.

The Fund is seeking contributions of a minimum of $2,500 for the first round of applications, which will go into a pool. All funders will be acknowledged by the Fund, but individual projects will not be linked to a given organisation. There may be scope for a more detailed funding round in the coming weeks and months, which will allow organisations to specify an area related to COVID-19 to fund – as is done in the usual funding rounds.

If you’re an organisation interested in improving the breadth and depth of media coverage of science-related issues of most relevance to New Zealanders, please consider contributing to the fund. In return:

What Can We Offer You?

  • You will be listed and promoted on our website and social media channels as a supporter of the fund.
  • There will be opportunities for input into activities to launch funded projects, such as joint press releases, author events, and social media campaigns.
  • Stories that are supported by the fund, after first publication in the partnering media outlet, will be posted online under a creative commons licence meaning that any other media organisations, including your own organisation, can republish the content.
  • A report on the impact of the coverage resulting from funded projects will be provided to you, if required.