Judging Criteria

The Science Journalism Fund will have a judging panel of up to five individuals with relevant expertise in one of more of the following areas:

  • General media experience
  • Science journalism background
  • Expertise in a particular area of science

The make-up of the Science Journalism Fund judging panel will reflect a desire for diversity, experience, relevant expertise and representation from across New Zealand.

The Science Journalism Fund judging panel includes and is appointed by Dr Rebecca Priestley, in conjunction with the Science Media Centre, and its make-up is reviewed on an annual basis.

Judging criteria

Applications to the Science Journalism Fund will be assessed according to the following five criteria (20 points each for a total of 100 points):

  • The applicant’s track record in journalism and potential for the grant to support the applicant’s development
  • The quality of the outline of the project goals, context and proposed contents
  • The demonstration of potential impact of the project on the public’s understanding of a science-related issue
  • Demonstration of how the project will be completed to proposed timeline and budget
  • Demonstration of partnering media outlet’s commitment to seeing the project through to publication

In making their funding decisions the judges will also pay attention to achieving diversity across (i) scientific disciplines covered (ii) the gender and ethnicity of the scientists featured and (iii) the range of different media represented.

Judging process

The Science Journalism Fund adopts the following process:

  • Call for applications
  • Review of applications and supporting letters
  • Shortlisting of applicants according to judging criteria
  • Follow-up interviews with applicants and supporting publishers (if necessary)
  • Successful applicants selected
  • Announcement of successful applicants

Eligibility and application criteria based on the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health Media Grants programme.